The Future of High-Performance Fenceline Air Monitoring Instruments

Spectrum’s WaveRunIR™-OP is the next generation of Open Path (OP) Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Monitoring Instruments. Compact and rugged, the WaveRunIR™-OP is compliant with USEPA TO-16r and ASTM 1982.

Easy alignment and high signal throughput allows for single-digit part per billion detection limits to be realized for most of the 500+ compounds in Spectrum’s library. Each WaveRunIR™-OP instrument is capable of monitoring path lengths up to 1,500 meters (round trip) and when equipped with a pan/tilt positioner, can scan multiple paths.

If a source of collocated meteorological data is present, WaveRunIR™-OP can easily be integrated into a larger, more complete fence line monitoring solution providing near real-time leak and release emissions detection from the facility.

Key Features

  • Thermo Scientific iG50 Interferometer
  • Quietest-In-Class
  • Rugged, Proven Reliability
  • Real-Time Dynamic Alignment
  • Variable Scan Velocities
  • 1/8 or Greater Wavenumber Resolution
  • State-of-the-Art Polaris IR Source
  • 5-Year Warranty on Interferometer
  • 5-Year Warranty on IR Source
  • 5-Year Warranty  Laser
  • 1-Year Warranty on Parts
  • Custom Light Sources
  • Custom Optical Coating/Materials
  • Custom Detector Configurations
  • Optional In-Path Validation Cell
  • Motorized Pan and Tilt Options
  • Continuous Unmanned Operations
  • Remote Accessibility

We Ensure Optimum Air Monitoring Performance and Data Quality With Our WaverunIR™-OP in a Variety of Industries & Applications

Utilizing proven measurement principles, Spectrum offers fenceline air monitoring solutions instruments for diverse industries and applications. Below are the industries and applications we specialize in with regard to WaverunIR™-OP, and we accommodate other areas based on our client’s needs:

Industries We Serve:

Refining Chemical/Petrochemical

Semiconductor Manufacturing

Meet Our WaverunIR-OP Experts

Matt McCormick, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Bill Pearman, PhD

Director of Devices

Alex Bellon

Senior Scientist

Steve Hall

Vice President - Measurements

Brian Cochran

Director of Installed Systems

Why Work With Us?

Ongoing operation and maintenance- As a company who not only builds FTIRs but also uses them for short and long-term projects, we can provide exceptional operation and routine maintenance for your FTIR systems. Whether it be custom software applications, performing specialty projects, or the general upkeep of the equipment, the team at Spectrum Environmental Solutions will provide a full-service product. Additionally, we carry an extensive inventory of spare parts should there be instrument issues and can return the instruments to service with very little down time.


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