Ambient Air & Fenceline Monitoring

Spectrum is helping the industry meet the growing demand for fenceline air monitoring services.

With the increased focus on environmental justice, fenceline and ambient air monitoring are at the forefront of the rapid evolution of air quality law in the United States.  And as a part of this evolution, the expectations of today’s air monitoring technologies are higher than ever.

The air sampling techniques of decades’ past, with their long wait times between sample collection and availability of measurement results, are no longer sufficient. These outdated methods are being replaced by a new class of air monitoring technologies that provide continuous, real-time monitoring information – actionable information that allows air quality issues to be identified and mitigated quickly.

Spectrum experts have witnessed this evolution firsthand through their decades of hands-on experience in this area, and Spectrum is at the forefront of both developing and using these next generation air monitoring technologies to meet this challenge.

Whether it’s utilizing our DetectUV™-DOAS-OP at the fenceline of a refinery, our WaveRunIR™-OP in the community adjacent to a chemical plant, or our third-party analyzers while conducting mobile air monitoring, we know the importance of selecting the right tool for the job.

No two clients are the same, and no two air monitoring projects are the same either. We’re ready to bring our years of experience to bear for you in developing a customized air monitoring solution that meets your project’s objectives and budget.


Spectrum is your one-stop solution for fenceline and ambient air monitoring

There are many elements that go into a modern day, successful fenceline monitoring program:

  • Reliable measurement equipment and responsive support service
  • Accurate, state-of the art chemical analysis software
  • Supportive onsite operations and maintenance personnel
  • Robust QA/QC procedures and processes
  • Expertise in air quality data analysis and data validation
  • Program management experience
  • Robust data management platform
  • Customizable data dissemination tools and processes, including websites and automated notifications

A few companies provide some of these elements. What sets Spectrum apart is that we provide them all.

  • Cutting edge spectroscopic software: NuWave™
  • Reliable open-path measurement equipment: DetectUV™-DOAS-OP and the WaveRunIR™-OP.
  • A data management and analytics platform that was built from the ground up with air monitoring data in mind: Tsunami.

When it comes to designing, installing, and operating the modern fenceline monitoring network, Spectrum is your one-stop, turnkey solution. Industries we serve:

Refining  Chemical/Petrochemical

Meet Our Ambient Air & Fenceline Monitoring Experts

Brian Cochran

Director of Installed Systems

Troy Boley, PhD

Vice President - Specialty Environmental Services

Dan Currin

Scientist / Optical Remote Systems Lead

Casey Dreyer


Ian Rust

Chemist / Database Manager

Marty Hale

Project Technical Specialist

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  • We are laser-focused on meeting our clients’ specific needs
  • We have unsurpassed experience in the field of ambient and fenceline air monitoring
  • We build monitoring equipment that is second to none
  • We are constantly innovating to find new technology solutions

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