Spectrum Environmental Solutions Product - WaverunIR-EXT-Boss

Customizable, Robust Instrument for Low Level Measurements in Hazardous Locations

The WaveRunIR™-EXT-Boss is designed as a customizable instrument for hazardous locations. With three sample cell options (10m, 45m, and 82m), the right configuration is easy to achieve based on the requirements of the installation. Additionally, the built-in manifold allows for automated sampling from multiple locations.

As a wall-mounted instrument, maintenance activities are straightforward since all components are easily accessible.

By utilizing the power of FTIR, a wide variety of molecular compounds can be measured simultaneously whether for emissions monitoring or process optimization. With gaseous composition data generating as fast as every 15 seconds, you can make decisions with near real-time data. Optimize your processes, realize efficiencies, and boost your bottom line.

Key Features

  • Customizable Instrument for Hazardous Locations
  • Real-time Graphical Displays of Multiple Gas Concentrations
  • Real-time Alarm Levels
  • Correlation Plots of Compounds of Concern
  • Class 1 Division 2 Electrical Classification Enclosure
  • 3 Different Cell Configurations
  • Several Detector & Filter Choices
  • Can be Wall-Mounted
  • Extractive FTIR with External HMI
  • Computer and Power All Integrated Into a Single Cabinet
  • Z-Purge Meeting Class 1 Division 2 Classification
  • Can Be Permanently Installed in Your Process Area
  • We Train Staff on Software Package
  • Offer Turnkey Operation and Maintenance
  • User-Friendly Softwares
  • Data analysis Performed by Spectrum’s NuWave™ Software
  • NuWave™ Software is a Spectrum-Developed, State-of-the-Art Custom Software Package That is Windows-Based
  • Data Management Performed by Tsunami™ Software
  • Tsunami™ Software Manages, Organizes, and Evaluates Data with its Data Visualization and Presentation Package
  • Tsunami™ Software is Easy-to-Use, Cloud-Based, and is Highly Configurable to the Client’s Requirements

Our Team Has Extensive Experience in Producing Custom FTIR Devices, Where Restrictions Present Obstacles to Our Customers

We specify the device on behalf of the client to exceed a broad array of monitoring requirements. Thus, allowing a more robust choice of compounds to monitor, lower detection limits, and fast monitoring frequencies. Below are the industries we specialize in with regard to WaverunIR™-EXT-Boss, and we accommodate other areas based on our client’s needs:

Refining Chemical/Petrochemical

Semiconductor Manufacturing

Meet Our WaveRunIR-EXT-Boss Experts

Matt McCormick, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Bill Pearman, PhD

Director of Devices

Why Work With Us?

Ongoing operation and maintenance – As a company who not only builds analytical monitors but also uses them for short and long-term projects, we can provide exceptional operation and routine maintenance for your systems. Whether it be custom software applications, performing specialty projects, or the general upkeep of the equipment, the team at Spectrum Environmental Solutions will provide a full-service product. Additionally, we carry an extensive inventory of spare parts should there be instrument issues and can return the instruments to service with very little down time.

Customization Doesn’t Scare Us – Every installation is unique, from the composition of the sample to how the sample is transported to where and how the instrument is installed. We fully understand your unique needs and are happy to work with you to ensure what you receive meets and exceeds your expectations. It can often be the case that the sample matrix evolves over time, or on occasion, some compounds may show up that were not expected! Simply reach out to us if this is the case and we can adapt the analytical method to accommodate the change.


Optimize your processes, realize efficiencies, and boost your bottom line.

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