Additional Consulting Services

We provide innovative strategies and consulting services
based on the client’s unique environmental needs.

Air Regulatory Compliance

We support facilities with their ongoing compliance issues, including semi-annual reporting, emissions inventory, emissions fees, construction, Title V permitting, GHG reporting, and enforcement support.


Control Technology Analysis

We specialize in treatability studies that evaluate the efficacy of scrubbers used in point-of-use (POU) abatement devices.  Whether you’re a scrubber vendor, an engineering team, or an environmental team, we can help determine potential technologies available to meet your needs.


Facility Auditing

Spectrum will review your facility’s compliance documentation, reporting, and procedures to provide confirmation of your facility’s compliance status. Spectrum’s specialty is digging down into your monitoring and data systems to ensure the data is being monitored, processed, and reported correctly.


Greenhouse Gas Management

Spectrum can review, improve, and/or develop a new site-specific GHG program for your facility. These can be based on emission factors, engineering calculations, or direct emission measurements from your sources. Let our experience working in the semiconductor industry be a benefit to you.


MACT DDDDD (5D) Energy Assessments and Tune-ups

Spectrum performs facility energy assessments and conducts periodic boiler and process heater tune-ups on a variety of fired sources. Spectrum also trains facility personnel to perform the tune-ups.

Minimize the risks of delays or unplanned costs and help ensure project success with our extensive environmental services.

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