Spectrum Environmental Solutions Product - WaveRUNIR CPM

The WaveRunIR™-CPM is your small footprint, low-cost FTIR for continuous process monitoring and optimization.

The WaveRunIR™-CPM is a fully integrated continuous process monitor designed to provide continuous, real-time data to be used to optimize production, determine failure/consumption of catalyst material(s), provide worker exposure data, and/or monitor in-duct component concentration to determine if line opening is safe. This versatile FTIR is a lower-cost option to most other extractive FTIRs in the marketplace.

Key Features

  • Provide Continuous, Real-Time Data to be Used to Optimize Production, Determine Failure/Consumption of Catalyst Material(s), Provide Worker Exposure Data, and/or Monitor In-Duct Component Concentration to Determine if Line Opening is Safe.
  • Real-Time Data Collection (~15 Seconds Per Data Point) That Can be Fed to the Site SCADA or Process PLC to Tune the Process Thereby Optimizing Production Quality and Efficiency
  • When Attached to the Outlet of a Control/Abatement Device, the Real-Time Concentration Readings Will Provide an Analysis Breakthrough of Most Any Hazardous Gas. This Data Can be Used to Shut the Process Down Until the Abatement Catalyst Can be Replaced or the Control/Abatement Device Repaired.
  • Provides an Extra Layer of Worker Exposure/Safety Monitoring
  • When Coupled with Specturm’s Multipoint Sequence Controller, the WaveRunIR™-CPM Can be Used to Monitor High-Risk Areas of a Factory For Leaks of Different Pollutants at Levels That Would be Hazardous to Expose Workers To
  • Lightweight With a Small Footprint
  • Can be Directly Mounted to the Process Vent/Duct
  • Can be Customized to Look at Different Analytes as a Function of Location Opposed to a Set of Analytes at All Locations
  • Lower-Cost Option to Most Other Extractive FTIRs in the Marketplace

Spectrum’s Team of Experts Have the Industry and FTIR Experience to Seamlessly Integrate the WaveRunIRTM-CPM Into Your Process

The Spectrum team has worked in the semiconductor and manufacturing industries across the globe. We have the specific knowledge to apply to your particular application, making integration seamless and efficient.

Meet Our WaveRunIR™-CPM Experts

Curt Laush, PhD

Laboratory Director

Steve Hall

Vice President - Measurements

Matt McCormick, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Bill Pearman, PhD

Director of Devices

Why Work With Us?

Responsiveness & Customer Service – Spectrum is a company dedicated to optically-based instrumentation. That is all we focus on. With over 20 full-time scientists on staff and spread across the United States, you can rest assured that any concerns or questions will be addressed in a timely manner.

Customization Doesn’t Scare Us – Every installation is unique, from the composition of the sample to how the sample is transported to where and how the instrument is installed. We fully understand your unique needs and are happy to work with you to ensure what you receive exceeds your expectations. It can often be the case that the sample matrix evolves over time, or on occasion, some compounds may show up that were not expected! Simply reach out to us if this is the case and we can adapt the analysis to accommodate the change.

Ongoing operation and maintenance – As a company who not only builds analytical monitors but also uses them for short and long-term projects, we can provide exceptional operation and routine maintenance for your systems. Whether it be custom software applications, performing specialty projects, or the general upkeep of the equipment, the team at Spectrum Environmental Solutions will provide a full-service product. Additionally, we carry an extensive inventory of spare parts should there be instrument issues and can return the instruments to service with very little downtime.


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