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Spectrum’s optical spectroscopy devices are not limited to air monitoring concerns only. The analytical technique can be applied to gaseous process streams such as pipeline raw materials, storage and blending operations, reactor kinetics studies, catalyst regeneration and decoking operations, and mixed fuel/gas operations.

These analyses occur inside of equipment of stacks by means of an engineered extractive sampling system unique to the application. Spectrum can use pumped sample loops or various flow induction devices to safely obtain a sample.

The analytical approach is non-destructive and is typically returned safely to your process. Most process analyzers and sample systems are custom designed and fit-for-purpose. These arrangements typically have large process optimization outcomes and are value-added analytical solutions.

Meet Our Process Monitoring Experts

Curt Laush, PhD

Laboratory Director

Bill Pearman, PhD

Director of Devices

Herman Holm, EIT

Director - Specialty Environmental Services

Why Work With Us?

  • Each analyzer is capable of multiple gas detections – not just a single component
  • No calibration gases required
  • Our analytical devices are engineered for data utilization – rapid data outputs to 2 Hz in some cases (minutely is common)
  • We provide a non-destructive analytical technique, safe sample collection and return
  • Very little sample preparation required – hot samples, wet samples, allowed
  • We do require particulate removals to minimize scattering
  • Variable optical cell path lengths available allowing mol% to ppm to ppb detection limits
  • Remote device supervision available, as well as routine O&M support


Process Monitoring Case Studies

Case Study 1

This is a simple example of an occasion where Spectrum took some extra time to provide additional data to a client where the data was of value but was not related to the compliance testing. While performing a compliance test on a thermal oxidizer, Spectrum scientists noted the smell of mercaptan in an area of the unit.

Spectrum utilized the FTIR as a methane monitor to locate the substantial leak and provided the data to the site EHS team who immediately fixed it. Although natural gas was no longer being wasted, the larger threat to cost was a potential fire near the unit.

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