Tsunami™ Data Management & Analytics Platform

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Transform Your Monitoring Data Into Action

What is your monitoring data trying to tell you? Tsunami can help cut through the noise and help you figure that out.  The Tsunami data management and analytics platform is a secure, cloud-based system that handles all phases of dataflow, from initial acquisition to visualization. Designed for use by experts and non-specialists alike, Tsunami’s intuitive website interface enables users to remotely monitor all their monitoring data in real-time.

Whether you’re performing process monitoring or environmental monitoring, our websites can be customized to fit your specific requirements so you can focus on the essential, actionable information that’s key to your operations.  A wide array of data visualizations are available, allowing users to swiftly extract crucial insights and take proactive measures to stay ahead of emerging problems.  Data visualizations include dashboards that provide users with customized data views in intuitive layouts containing charts, maps, and tables.

Key Features

  • Handle All Phases of Dataflow – From Initial Acquisition to Visualization
  • Remotely Monitor All Data in Real-Time
  • Provide High Data Quality with Advanced Reporting Features
  • Server Infrastructure is Provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS), Which is Trusted by Corporations and Governments Around the World
  • Notification and Alarm Functions Can be Configured For Real-Time Text, Email, or Voice Messaging
  • Data Visualizations Include Dashboards That Provide Users With Customized Data Views in Intuitive Layouts Containing Charts, Maps, and Tables
  • Accessible Anywhere

Improving Performance by Capturing & Analyzing Your Environmental & Process Monitoring Data

Our Tsunami™ Data Management & Analytics Platform helps professionals proactively manage their operations. Industries we serve:

Refining Chemical/Petrochemical

Semiconductor Manufacturing

Meet Our Tsunami™ Data Management & Analytics Platform Experts

Brian Cochran

Director of Installed Systems

Ian Rust

Chemist / Database Manager

Sean Springer

Software Developer / Senior Scientist

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We are passionate about monitoring data, we want to help you analyze your monitoring data and make it understandable, and we are committed to helping make sure your monitoring data help you achieve your business goals


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