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As you explore options to solve your unique air quality challenges and issues, you may find yourself asking the question – “What is the difference between Spectrum and other air monitoring technology companies?” We are confident that you will discover our capabilities to be unique and our experiences expansive.

Spectrum has combined all the skills necessary to offer you a near turnkey approach which results in an efficient coordination of engineering and analytical disciplines to provide you with full service and support. Although other environmental companies may have some similarities to Spectrum at first glance, there are many differences that set us apart. 

Below you will find helpful information on the advantages of choosing Spectrum as your environmental solutions partner over other firms, and air monitoring techniques. Discover how Spectrum’s innovative solutions and turnkey approach will help you solve your air monitoring problems


  • Large, experienced staff of scientists and engineers with practical solutions
  • Capability to provide near-real-time analysis of multiple compounds of interest in ambient air, process lines, exhaust stacks, or other placements
  • A variety of analyzers and configurations to choose from in order to accommodate your needs
  • Fully integrated engineered systems can be arranged (from probe to analyzer to data presentation) or purchase of a device only is possible
  • Comprehensive data management package available, including cloud-based data storage, customized website retrieval, and real-time multi-level alert notifications
  • We offer you our technical services after the sale, including comprehensive operation and maintenance packages like remote diagnostics and oversight

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Spectrum Service Benefits


  • They’re tailored to your situation and equipment
  • We seek to engage on a practical level to organize effective solutions for your situation
  • We’ve seen a wide range of unique/rigid regulatory environment situations and have the capability to develop a solution for you
  • Our experts have in-plant and in-field industrial experience
  • The Spectrum Flare Team has:
    • Direct and in-depth experiences in the flare compliance arena prior to the year 2000
    • Seen the development of the flare testing programs
    • Engaged in flare consent decrees and enforcements
    • Helped shape and implement new flare regulations
    • Performed one-of-a-kind flare emission dispersion modeling scenarios
    • Engaged with a large number of flare and instrumentation vendors

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  • Hundreds of emission testing programs have been successfully executed by the Monitoring Services Teams – domestically and internationally
  • We apply optical remote sensing and optical analysis techniques to challenging situations
  • We build our devices and our software, and we use it effectively in the field
  • Our team follows the strict USEPA methods; however, we are also scientists that can adapt and arrange for customized solutions  
  • Our unique physical chemistry lab in Phoenix, Arizona can organize highly specialized FTIR testing and development programs for your specialized needs

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