Engineering Testing

Multi-Industry Engineering Testing

Spectrum provides engineering testing services across multiple industries in a variety of areas like:

  • Process optimization
  • Determining pre-compliance testing to see where facility emissions are with respect to permit conditions
  • Trial burns
  • Identify/omit a source of emissions in an effort to solve a larger issue
  • And More

With the use of real-time results from portable instrumentation such as FTIRs, Spectrum has helped clients identify problem actors with respect to processes or abatement equipment and verified when the issues were resolved.


Implementation of Engineering Tests

Spectrum’s scientists have performed engineering testing for a range of services and applications:

  • Emissions characterizations of different semiconductor tool recipes using extractive FTIR
  • Verify fenceline emissions for HAPs in the fertilizer and semiconductor industries (using OP-FTIR)
  • Provide real-time flare gas composition (FTIR-Raman)
  • Oversee trial burns at hazardous waste incinerators (using EPA wet chemical methodologies)
  • Monitor VOCs in worker exposure areas for carbon black and fiberglass industrial processes, etc

Specifically, we have experience in engineering testing within the following industries:

  • Semiconductor
    • Logic processor chip (wafer) production
    • Memory chip (wafer) production
    • Wafer tool emission characterization
    • Abatement Device DRE and Emissions Characterization
  • Refining
    • Ammonia slip for NOx Control
    • HAP Emissions
    • Criteria Emissions
    • HCN monitoring
  • Chemical/Petrochemical
    • Flare gas composition
    • HAPs monitoring (formaldehyde, hydrogen fluoride and hydrogen chloride, hydrogen cyanide)
    • FCCU gas composition
  • Manufacturing
    • Fertilizer production
      • HAPs (Hydrogen fluoride and hydrogen chloride)
    • Cement production
      • HAPs (Hydrogen chloride hydrogen fluoride, and formaldehyde)
      • Organic HAPs.
  • Electrical Power Production
    • Formaldehyde (HAPs) monitoring
    • Ammonia slip monitoring
    • GHG (nitrous oxide, methane, and/or carbon dioxide)

Meet Our Engineering Testing Experts

Curt Laush, PhD

Laboratory Director

Steve Hall

Vice President - Measurements

Alex Bellon

Senior Scientist

Dan Currin

Scientist / Optical Remote Systems Lead

Why Work With Us?

Spectrum is uniquely positioned to aid with virtually any type of engineering test. Our scientists have such a vast expanse of testing experience that you can be assured that we have likely had some type of connection with your testing application. Simply put, there is nothing that surprises us with regard to onsite engineering testing.

Find out how our real-time engineering testing experience can benefit you and your team.

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