Our Manufacturing Industry Solutions

Spectrum often finds itself customizing unique solutions to manufacturing companies. Why? Our products are highly customizable. Our manufacturing environmental products and solutions can measure hundreds of compounds. Our culture is to provide first class services and solve virtually any sort of manufacturing monitoring problem.


Manufacturing Related Products

Our analyzers can measure a wide variety of compounds that enable us to monitor a client’s process in a manner that solves problems and quantifies the unquantified.  Imagine that exotic paint contains highly toxic compounds and personnel cannot enter the paint booth without knowing the toxic has been removed. Our extractive FTIR products provide real-time results with the ability to measure many compounds resulting in the perfect solution.


Manufacturing Related Consulting Services

You think Bo Jackson knows (pick your sport); well our Consultants know flares.  Do you want to know how your flare stacks up against your competitors’ flare?  Is it cost-effective?  Do you know its destruction removal efficiency?  Would a 3rd party certification of destruction removal efficiency be helpful for your marketing?  Do you want to know if your flare can deliver all the right regulatory requirements?  Do you want to know if you have all the right monitoring and measurement devices on the header feeding the flare? Our consultants can answer all these questions.


Manufacturing Related Monitoring Services

We build state-of-the-art optical monitoring systems. It only makes sense that we can put them to creative use. We use our equipment to answer questions and solve problems.  What is the removal efficiency across that scrubber? What is the emission rate off that pond? Is that combustion device adequately destroying this compound? Do we meet the emission standards that are applicable to this piece of equipment? Spectrum scientists and engineers will bring our equipment to your manufacturing facility and answer these questions.


Ensure Your Scrubber Scrubs; Ensure your Flare Burns!

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