Our Story

Our History

Spectrum was not created from one awesome invention, a single good idea, or a new environmental regulatory program being rolled out; rather, it was developed by our People.

It is amazing how the fabric of our prior efforts has become a new tapestry of innovation, excellence, service, and seemingly endless new opportunities. We know that we are not all the same. We are scientists, engineers, visionaries, technical minds with a passion for using real-time data for solving very real problems.

Our team has diverse corporate and facility industrial backgrounds, with experiences in laboratory and research fields. We have been privileged at one point to offer knowledge as teachers and professors, serve in our military, as well as create prior businesses. Now, our diversity has been entwined into the warp and woof of what is today called Spectrum.

Spectrum was founded in March 2017, when several of us joined forces and utilized our lifetime of experiences to offer our clients innovative environmental solutions. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Spectrum is continuing its growth by implementing personnel from coast to coast, a new Physical Chemistry Lab in Arizona, and international partners. Today, Spectrum has more than 30 outstanding employees and we are proud to deliver world-class devices and services.

Our Culture and Values

Spectrum’s mission is to provide data-driven decision making solutions. We want to provide our clients with the ability to make excellent choices that positively enhance their business. Our experts recognize that these important decisions require robust data, analysis, results, devices, and services.

Spectrum’s vision is the application of optical spectroscopy in the process and environmental monitoring of industrial activities, and the use of such data for environmental improvement and enhanced business efficiency.

Spectrum values innovation, scientific inquiry, development of new ideas and approaches to better our world, personal and professional integrity, our families and friends, and the engagement of clients with similar values.

It is our purpose to offer superior analytical devices, accurate monitoring data, and expert advice to benefit the long-term effectiveness and environmental sustainability of our client’s businesses.

The Spectrum Difference

How We’re Different

Spectrum offers products, services, and data management all under one company, enabling the opportunity for an engineered system of a turnkey solution for all of our clients.

Our air monitoring devices, software, and data management solutions are designed, built and manufactured by the individuals who actually utilize them!

Our experts include an established mix of consultants, engineers, and scientists who have extensive experience at several well-known firms within the industry.

We are a small, employee-owned, customer-focused company that takes pride in working cooperatively to help our partners overcome their air and process monitoring challenges.

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