NuWave™ Spectroscopic Software

Spectrum Environmental Solutions Product - NuWave Spectroscopic Software

Powerful Spectroscopic Software for Collection and Analysis

NuWave is Spectrum’s proprietary software for the collection and analysis of spectroscopic data. Along with communicating and controlling the collection of data on all of Spectrum’s optical sensing devices, Nuwave also is equipped with powerful spectroscopic tools and algorithms for data analysis.

Many analytical software packages can be limiting in user control and/or very user unfriendly. NuWave™ utilizes a simple and intuitive user interface while retaining many powerful spectroscopic and analytic features.

Key Features

  • Data Collection
  • Data Reprocessing
  • CLS Spectroscopic Analysis
  • Absorbance and Spectral Derivative Analysis
  • Built In Algebraic Functions
  • Detection Limit Data Filtering
  • Gas Calibration Creation
  • Spectral Tools
  • Visual Temporal Data Viewer
  • Tabular Data Output
  • Visual Spectral Validation
  • Instrument Monitor
  • Moog Tracker Controller
  • Solenoid Sequencer
  • Tsunami Cloud Data Management

Our Products Address the Rapidly Evolving Needs of a Diverse Array of Customers In Multiple Industries

We understand the challenges and opportunities within your location, industry, and business function. Below are the industries we specialize in with regard to NuWave™ Spectroscopic Software, and we accommodate other areas based on our client’s needs:

Refining Chemical/Petrochemical

Semiconductor Manufacturing

Meet Our NuWave Spectroscopic Software Experts

Sean Springer

Software Developer / Senior Scientist

Alex Bellon

Senior Scientist

Why Work With Us?

Unmatched Spectroscopy Tools – No other spectroscopic software allows the user the flexibility and breadth of analytical tools. NuWave™ has everything needed to produce high quality data, from a one-time stack test to a fully automated permanent sampling installation.

Customer Service – Spectrum’s scientists are always available to train users and adapt NuWave™’s features to any application.


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