Hazardous Waste Combustion

Hazardous Waste Combustor Services

We provide environmental consulting services including evaluation and testing of Hazardous Waste Combustors.

Spectrum’s objective is to assist clients in planning and conducting performance test programs that meet regulatory requirements and result in permit operating conditions that allow operational flexibility. Accomplishing these objectives is not always easy. A successful permit requires careful planning and a team-based approach.

Spectrum works closely with a client’s operations, engineering, regulatory, and management personnel to develop a Hazardous Waste Combustor Testing Strategy that:

  • Includes test plans that meet regulatory objectives
  • Defines the proper sampling, analysis, monitoring methods and QA/QC procedures
  • Provides leadership in permit negotiations
  • Provides complete services to manage the successful implementation of the test program
  • Procures the services of subcontractors to accomplish specialized ancillary services
  • Prepares complete and accurate test reports


Our Hazardous Waste Combustion Services


Test Strategy

Spectrum’s goal is to first execute any test program without any safety incidents or near misses. Our second goal is to execute any test program successfully the first time.

Spectrum’s experience is that this requires knowing quantitatively in advance how a combustion unit will perform in terms of emissions at target operating conditions during the performance tests. Often, prior testing will be sufficient to understand the performance capability of a combustion unit. In many cases, however, pre-testing is necessary to thoroughly understand how a combustion unit will perform. Pre-testing is a dress rehearsal for a performance test.

Pretesting data provides a basis for fine-tuning the test plan and the target operating conditions for the performance test.

Additionally, going through the process of pre-testing allows operations, engineering, regulatory and contractor personnel the opportunity to understand their roles during the performance test. Ultimately, this strategy greatly increases the likelihood of success for the performance test.


Test Management & Field Testing

Spectrum provides test management services ranging from turnkey to integration with a client’s existing contractor relationships. Test programs driven by certain regulatory programs can often become overwhelmingly complicated.

Spectrum specializes in organizing and managing the most complicated test programs. Often, specialized services can be required such as unique testing firms, spiking contractors, and analytical laboratories. Spectrum will assemble a team and take responsibility for the performance of the team.

Spectrum takes a hands-on approach during testing. Spectrum has the experience to direct all these tasks to assure all are conducted properly. There are a “thousand tasks” to be accomplished and any one of them could undermine the success of the performance test.

Spectrum is the contractor who can supervise all aspects that must be accomplished by operation personnel, waste and stack sampling personnel, spiking personnel, and waste handling personnel.


Test Reporting

Test Reporting is essential to a properly documented performance test. Data from several contractors and the facility must be assembled, organized, and properly presented.

  • One objective is to show that emissions data meets regulatory thresholds
  • A second objective is often to establish operating limits that are based upon operating data collected simultaneously while samples are collected. Data from spiking contractors is likely to also be critical to setting operating limits.
  • Spectrum has been assembling, organizing, and presenting this data for years

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Dan Currin

Scientist / Optical Remote Systems Lead

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Senior Project Manager

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