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Spectrum has developed a continuous process monitor (WaveRunIR-CPM) that is uniquely designed for real-time semiconductor tools and process chamber in-line monitoring and optimization.

Specifically, this device monitors abatement catalysts that are part of tools in high volume manufacturing that provide real-time end-of-life catalyst results to the tool operators and EHS staff.

Finally, Spectrum has designed a multi-point (up to 16 different sources) FTIR cabinet that can be used for ambient air monitoring in areas of concern for worker exposure or for monitoring specific exhaust mains/laterals to identify uncontrolled releases or point-of-use abatement divide malfunctions.


Semiconductor Related Consulting Services

Spectrum provides consultancy support to aid semiconductor engineers/scientists involved with EHS, safety, abatement devices/systems, facility exhausts, pumps/chillers, TRI reporting, and emissions calculations.

Spectrum also remains in touch with recent potential emission concerns through our relationships with EPA, Semiconductor Industry Association, as well as local and national conferences. By doing so, Spectrum has started addressing EHS and safety concerns within the industry prior to their regulatory requirement(s) (e.g. PFAS, exotic chemistries, new organometallic processes, etc.)


Semiconductor Related Monitoring Services

Spectrum’s monitoring team has performed measurements associated with nearly every piece of the semiconductor process:

  • Tool recipe characterization
    • Etch
    • CVD
    • ALD
    • Photolithography
    • Diffusion
    • CMP
    • Ion Implant
  • Abatement Emission Characterization
    • Point-of-Use Burn-Wet Scrubbers
    • Point-of-Use Dry Catalytic Scrubbers
    • Point-of-Use Burn Box Abatement Units
    • House Packed-Bed, pH-Controlled  Wet Scrubbers
    • House Rotor Concentrator Thermal Oxidizer Unit
  • End-of-pipe real-time gaseous emissions
  • Scrubber liquor analysis
  • Wastewater discharge collection/analysis
  • Gas-phase lateral monitoring
  • Particulate monitoring of various silicon and tungsten processes

Simply put, if it is produced in the chip fabrication process, we have collected or measured it. Spectrum specializes in gas-phase measurements and FTIR-based monitoring. Specifically, Spectrum excels in:

  • Monitoring of criteria pollutants (CO and NOx) in support of permit requirements
  • Monitoring of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in support of permit requirements
  • Monitoring of hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) in support of permit requirements
  • Performing GHGs measurements in support of the GHG reporting rule (Subpart I)
  • Perform IH worker exposure studies when abnormal tool maintenance is conducted
  • Spectrums WaveRunIR-CPM is used to continuously monitor several tool process effluents post catalytic abatement

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