Spectrum Environmental Solutions Product - WaverunIR-EXT

Customizable, Robust Instrument for Low Level Measurements

The WaveRunIR™-EXT is designed for a variety of users. Stack testers will benefit from the robustness and ability to customize the analytical method based on what they are testing. Laboratory users will have the ability to easily install different sample cell accessories and detectors as needed. Technicians working on the instrument as an installed system will appreciate the ease of performing maintenance activities.

The instrument comes as two separate units – a “base unit” with the actual FTIR modulator and a built-in computer, as well as a “cell accessory” that contains the sample cell and detector. The different cell accessory options are all easily interchangeable, allowing measurements to go from mid-to-low ppb levels (10m cell) to single-digit ppb levels (45m cell).

By utilizing the power of FTIR, a wide variety of molecular compounds can be measured simultaneously whether for emissions monitoring or process optimization. With gaseous composition data producing as fast as every 15 seconds, you can make decisions with near real-time data. Optimize your processes, realize efficiencies, and boost your bottom line.

Key Features

  • Designed to Couple to Analysis Cells of Differing Fixed Path Lengths (10m, 45m, and 82m Pathlengths Currently Available)
  • Thermo Scientific iG50 Interferometer
  • Quietest-In-Class
  • Rugged, Proven Reliability
  • Real-Time Dynamic Alignment
  • Variable Scan Velocities
  • 1/8 or Greater Wavenumber Resolution
  • State-of-the-Art Polaris IR Source
  • Optional ZnSe Beamsplitter for Operation without Dry Gas Purge
  • 5-Year Warranty on Interferometer
  • 5-Year Warranty on IR Source
  • 5-Year Warranty on Laser
  • 1-Year Warranty on Parts
  • Standard Configuration Offers LN2 Cooled 2-Color MCT/lnSb Detector for Lower Detection Limits on Most Compounds Compared to MCT only Detector
  • Optional Stirling Cooled Detector – Ideal for Permanent Installation, No LN2 Required
  • Custom Light Sources, Optical Coatings/Materials, Detector Configurations
  • Modular Design – When Components are in Need of Maintenance or Replacement, They Can Be Easily Swapped In and Out
  • Rack-Mountable Design Provides For Easy Transport and Integration Into Standard 19” Instrument Racks
  • Analysis Cells Can Be Operated at Room Temperature Up to 200°C or Higher for Special Applications

Throughout Our History, Spectrum Has Acted With Urgency & Care to Deliver Innovative Tech Solutions to Multiple Industries

We envision, create, and deliver innovative environmental technology solutions that are open, purpose-built, and uncompromised to meet our customer’s most pressing needs. Below are the industries we specialize in with regard to the WaverunIR™-EXT, and we accommodate other areas based on our client’s needs:

Refining Chemical/Petrochemical

Semiconductor Manufacturing

Meet Our WaveRunIR-EXT Experts

Matt McCormick, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Steve Hall

Vice President - Measurements

Bill Pearman, PhD

Director of Devices

Alex Bellon

Senior Scientist

Why Work With Us?

Ongoing operation and maintenance – As a company who not only builds FTIRs but also uses them for short and long-term projects, we can provide exceptional operation and routine maintenance for your FTIR systems.We carry an extensive inventory of spare parts should there be instrument issues and can return the instruments to service with very little down time.

Customization Doesn’t Frighten us – Every installation is unique, from the composition of the sample to how the sample is transported to where and how the instrument is installed. We fully understand the clients needs and are happy to work with you to ensure that what you get meets your expectations. It can often be the case that the sample matrix evolves over time, or on occasion, some compounds may show up that were not expected! Simply reach out to us if this is the case and we can adapt the analytical method to accommodate the change.


Optimize your processes, realize efficiencies, and boost your bottom line.

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