Retro-Reflector Arrays

Spectrum Environmental Solutions Product - Retroreflector Arrays

Retro-Reflectors & Arrays with Exceptional Orthogonality

Spectrum’s corner-cube retroreflectors are made in-house using a custom-designed staging apparatus that securely holds each first-surface flat mirror in place. Each of the 3 mirrors is fine-tuned to optimize orthogonality between them.

Once the optimal orientation is achieved, each optical flat is glued in place using an industrial-strength adhesive. A final measurement of orthogonality is performed once the adhesive has been cured.

When built in this fashion, the Spectrum corner-cubes average less than 10 arcseconds of deviation from mutual-face orthogonality and many are less than 3 arcseconds! With this level of quality, one can be assured optimal alignment of reflected radiation. Spectrum produces front-surface gold (for infrared radiation) and enhanced aluminum for (ultraviolet radiation) cubes that are then assembled into arrays to increase the reflected area.

Key Features

  • Fenceline Monitoring
  • Exceptional Orthogonality Between the Three Flat Mirrors Often Achieving Less Than 3 Arcseconds Resulting in Optimal Alignment and Longer Paths
  • Satellite-Grade Quality
  • Minimal Maintenance Required
  • Long Lifetime
  • Retro-Reflectors Commonly Don’t Require Power

Meeting the Demands of a New Generation of Environmental Optical Requirements for a Variety of Industries

Spectrum’s innovative technology offers superior solutions for your applications. The instruments can be custom designed to provide accuracy and stability even in the harshest environments. Find out more about the industries we specialize in with regard to Retro-Reflector Arrays. Industries We Serve:

Refining Chemical/Petrochemical

Semiconductor Manufacturing

Meet Our Retro-Reflector Arrays Experts

Bill Pearman, PhD

Director of Devices

Matt McCormick, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Caleb Meador

Senior Technician

Why Work With Us?

Experience – The team at Spectrum Environmental Solutions has been successfully building corner-cubes and retro-reflector arrays for open-path monitoring for nearly 2 decades. Simply put we know what it takes to build arrays that last and perform optimally for your applications.

Responsiveness & Customer Service – As a company is dedicated to optically-based instrumentation. That is all we focus on. With nearly 20 full-time scientists on staff, you can rest assured that any concerns or questions will be addressed in a timely manner.


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