Spectrum's DetectUV-DOASTM-OP is the next generation of Open Path (OP) environmental monitoring instruments using Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy (DOAS). Compact and rugged, the DetectUV-OP is compliant with USEPA TO-16r and ASTM 1982 design guidelines. Easy alignment and high signal throughput allows for single-digit part per billion detection limits to be realized for many of the 500+ compounds in Spectrum's library.

Each DetectUV-OP instrument is capable of monitoring path lengths up to 2,000 meters (round trip) and when equipped with a pan/tilt positioner, can scan multiple paths. Built-in reference cells enable periodic reference gas comparison for quality assurance.

With meteorological data, DetectUV-OP is integrated into a fence line monitoring solution providing near real-time leak and release emissions detection from the facility. Coupled with Spectrum's TsunamiTM data management system and SmartPathTM, the DetectUV-OP is the backbone of the most advanced, secure, integrated, LAN or cloud-based fence line monitoring solution in the industry.

DetectUV Description


  • Fence Line-Ambient Air Monitoring

  • Industrial Worker Expose Monitoring

  • Community Monitoring

  • Multi-Source Monitoring