Steve Hall

Vice President - Measurements

  • Co-founder of Spectrum Environmental Solutions LLC
  • 24 years as an environmental consultant specializing in the application of various optical spectroscopic techniques (remote sensing, FTIR, OP-FTIR, UV DOAS, TDL QCL, etc.) to solve client process and/or environmental issues.
  • Has performed emission measurements using optical techniques and conventional EPA reference methods in all major environmental markets (semiconductor, oil & gas, chemical production, power generation, military, ambient air, manufacturing, etc).
  • Successful install and operation of multiple fence line Ambient Air Monitoring Stations (AAMS) using FTIR and UV-DOAS in both Open-Path and extractive configurations.
  • BS Chemistry, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana

Steve developed a penchant for spectroscopy while performing laser-based experiments as an undergraduate working in the Lisy group at the University of Illinois. He has continued to use and expand this knowledge over the past 24+ years as a Project Manager/Senior Scientist at AECOM and its legacy companies (Radian and URS). In this role, Steve led a group of scientists designing systems and performing optical-based and conventional emissions measurements.

He travels the globe performing Optical Remote Sensing and FTIR based measurements as well as training/mentoring others in spectral interpretation and measurements, and he has a powerful reputation in the semiconductor sector having performed a multitude of projects.​

He is the co-author of the industry document on Tool Emissions Characterization which provided language (through the Semiconductor Industry Association) that is now part of the industry-wide GHG reporting rule (40CFR Part 98 Subpart I).