Troy Boley, PhD

Vice President-Specialty Environmental Services

  • Co-founder of Spectrum Environmental Services LLC
  • 12 years consulting and advisory role as Vice President of Sage ACT Environmental Consulting LLC
  • 17 years in the chemicals, plastics, and petroleum industry for (UCC) Dow Chemical, Huntsman Corporation & Cabot Corporation.
  • BS Chemistry, MS and PhD in Environmental Engineering

Troy has worked in over 45 countries assisting with a variety of environmental compliance initiatives including site selection, facility permitting, agency negotiations, due diligence, and air pollution control technology selection.

He directly participated in flare permit negotiations, flare performance testing, and flare minimization efforts in the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Argentina, France, India, Italy, and China. He has conducted multiple flare emissions modeling projects for ground flares, elevated flares, and emergency flares.

He is a frequent instructor and speaker within the monitoring and measurements technology arena and on industrial flare management control. He is currently providing air-quality related flare consent decree, instrumentation, and flare enforcement consulting. In the past 5 years alone, Troy has been involved with advanced instrumentation and flare compliance and/or improvement opportunities at well over 300 flare systems around the world.