Sean Springer

Senior Scientist

  • 5 years of experience in environmental consulting and testing in semiconductor, oil, gas, and chemical industries.
  • 9 years of experience in infrared Spectroscopy and related scientific techniques.
  • 4 years of experience as a Python programmer, software integrator, and software architect.
  • BS Chemistry, Texas A&M University – Preparatory, Analytical, and Inorganic chemistry
  • MS Chemistry, Texas A&M University – High Resolution Spectroscopy
  • 3 published peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals​

Sean is experienced in optical-based measurements in varying environments. He is a vital member of the Spectrum Environmental Solutions Research and Development team, focused on bringing new and innovative instrumentation to the environmental field. He is also the main software developer and principle creator of NuWave™ spectroscopic software package which controls the WaveRunIR™ FTIR and performs spectral manipulations.