Bob Spellicy, PhD

Principal Scientist/R&D

  • President and CO-Founder of Industrial Monitoring and Control Corporation (IMACC) LLC for 20 years
  • Over 30 years of experience designing, operating and maintaining various spectroscopy-based chemical monitoring equipment
  • PhD in Physics, University of Michigan 1974

Dr. Spellicy received his Ph.D. in physics from the University of Michigan specializing in infrared spectroscopy. After graduation he worked for 15 years at White Sands Missile Range on Department of Defense R&D programs related to high energy laser development and electro-optical system performance. In 1989 he began work with Radian Corporation in Austin Texas, starting the Optical Remote Sensing (ORS) group there. This group developed IR and UV systems for environmental monitoring and industrial process control. After Dow Chemical purchased Radian, Dr. Spellicy and Dr. Brewer started Industrial Monitor and Control Corporation (IMACC) building FTIR and UV-DOAS systems for environmental applications. After selling the company, Dr. Spellicy joined Spectrum Environmental Solutions where he continues to work on development of spectroscopic monitoring systems and analytical method development.