Life of a Flare


-Flare System Monitoring & Control Assessment
-Flare Contribution Mapping & Minimization
-Flare DCS Calculations & Data Mapping

Regulatory Support

-Compliance Determinations with Applicable Regulations
-Development of FMPs for NSPS Ja
-Updates of existing FMPs
-Updates of baselines
-Development of CEMS QAQC Plans
-Development of QAPs in TX HRVOC area

Consent Decree

-Pre-Section 114 Receipt Assessment
-Section 114 Response Support
-Section 114 Response Review for Risk Assessment
-Interim management activities
-Consent Decree Language Negotiation
-Consent Decree Implementation
-DIMS Report
-WGMP Report
-Semi-Annual Report

Upcoming Regulations

-New standalone plans
-Integration of RSR requirements into NSPS JA FMP
-Development of QAPs in TX HRVOC area
-Development of CPMS Monitoring Plans
-Ethylene MACT requirements

Other Flare Services

-Flare Manuals
-AMP Support
-AMEL Support
-Flare Performance Testing
-Flare Training Classes